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On the occasion of the GIC show there will be a gala dinner , for the exhibitors and their customers, on Friday 9 november at 20.30

Organized in the beautiful Hall of Tapestries of the Alberoni College in Piacenza, a structure that also offers a rich art collection and a museum which will be open to all participants to the event, the gala dinner will offer the participants a further meeting opportunity among the scents of the local cuisine and the fine wines of this area.
These kinds of events are particularly appreciated by foreign operators by giving them the opportunity of meeting face to face their potential business partners and / or suppliers in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
The Alberoni College was built by Cardinal Giulio Alberoni to accommodate clerics of the Diocese of Piacenza.
The Alberoni Gallery, located inside the college bearing the same name, it is made of several paintings, church ornaments and vestments, and tapestries coming from cardinal Giulio Alberoni's (1664-1752) houses in Rome and Piacenza. The most precious paintings, among which Antonello da Messina's (1473) famous Ecce Homo and other paintings by Flanders painters, are in the apartment formerly reserved to Cardinal Alberoni in a wing of the 18th century palace. In the Gallery, prized paintings dating back to several historical periods are exhibited, while in the large hall there are three series of precious tapestries: two big tapestries depicting scenes of Maximilian of Austria's wedding (16th century), eight tapestries representing stories of Aeneas and Dido (17th century),and eight more representing stories about Alexander the Great (17th century).
For information on the College Alberoni www.collegioalberoni.it